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My Philosophy

The following list is the backbone of my philosophy on how I make decisions and what I consider important.

- Run the city like a business – drive property value up for the residents and businesses.

- Use the best talent available; be inclusive.

- Drive change internal to the organization to provide the best value . . . use best practices of public and private sectors.

- Drive change externally (at the State) for the benefit of the residents.

- Promote the image of the City by what we do and how we do it.

- Keep the size of government as small as possible and govern at the local level.

- Always maintain a balanced budget and forecast needs and pressures so there are no surprises.

- Provide best services at lowest cost . . . health and safety are #1.

- Keep tax rate and fees at bare minimums – protect the resident’s pocket book.

- Evaluate decisions and votes from a “20 years from now” perspective – will it stand the test of time.

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